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LOMT serves children youth and families through a variety of directed and hosted programs at Camp Lone Star in La Grange.  The directed Summer Camp program offers 9 weeks each year of face-to-face contact with youth ages 5 - 18, utilizing trained college aged and older coulselors to impact the lives of these campers.  Sharing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, through an Intentional Christian Community in a place set apart from the daily routines of life is what Camp Lone Star is all about. These same principals apply to non-summer retreats both hosted and directed in the cabins and Johnson Retreat Center.


Camp Lone Star has reached maximum participation the past few years during summer and on spring and fall weekends, being limited by the number of beds and meeting spaces.  The new Christ Cabin will provide both additional beds and a meeting room and will be located adjacent to the existing dormitory cabins, fulfilling the camp's master plan.  The six 12 - 14 bed sleeping areas, meeting space and bathroom facilities will be under one roof for flexibility and service to both summer and retreat users.









Additional cabin space and beds require more infrastructure and greater ability to process camp wastewater.  The current wastewater treatment plant was placed into service1979 and has served well as the camp expanded.  A second small plant was added to help carry the load and many upgrades and repairs along the way kept the current plant servicable.  With the addition of the new Christ Cabin along with the age and condition of the 1979 treatment plant a new wastewater treatment plant is needed.


The new plant will be placed in the same general area as the old one being able to utilize all the exisiting plumbing and access, but will be relocated slightly to meet current standards and variances.  The plant will be one unit constructed of concrete with multiple chambers to accomodate the various usage highs and lows.  Capacity will cover current needs, the new cabin addition and future growth.






Once again the addition of the Christ Cabin and the growing water needs of the camp require upgrades to the water system to ensure adequate water pressure and delivery to all camp facilities.  Since Camp Lone star is viewed as a public water supply system there are numerous other state recommendations being attended to with this overhaul of the water and wastewater systems.


“For what thanksgiving can we return to God for you, for all the joy that we feel for your sake before our God” 1Thessalonians 3:9 (ESV)


As Camp Lone Star approaches 75 years of service to the congregations and people of the Texas District, Lutheran Outdoors Ministry of Texas is Forever Thankful for the many blessings that we have enjoyed. Programs of Christian camping and recreation, centered in Christ, led by faithful staff and conducted in the out-of-doors in a place set apart has added to the blessings.


We are Forever Thankful for the many summer campers and participants that have had Christian renewal and outreach experiences at Camp Lone Star, for the spiritual growth and encouragement they have received.


We are Forever Thankful for the many staff, full-time, part-time, summer and volunteer, that have committed to serving campers, caring for the facilities, giving glory to God in all they do. And for the staff that have gone into full-time church work and for the many who have become significant lay leaders in Texas congregations as a result of their growth and experience at Camp Lone Star.


We are Forever Thankful for the variety of directed and hosted retreats and programs that serve congregations, children, youth and families and provide witness opportunities for renewal and outreach.


We are Forever Thankful for the financial support dedicated donors have sacrificially given over these years providing the material elements necessary to keep the mission and ministry moving forward in service to the Church.


We are Forever Thankful for the opportunities that lay before us to expand, refurbish and grow Camp Lone Star’s facilities and programs ensuring a powerful positive spiritual impact into the future.

Prayerfully consider making a pledge, payable over three years, to the Forever Thankful campaign.  Your pledge today moves the projects forward in time for next season's summer camp! 

Forever Thankful Pledge Form


Or consider a one time donation earmarked for the Forever Thankful campaign.  Please remember the regular financial needs of Camp Lone star continue even during the campaign, your annual gifts of support are needed as always and greatly appreciated. 


Make a Forever Thankful Donation





A permanent and more climate controled space is desired for summer camp and retreat check-ins in the Camp Lone Star Base Camp. A Welcome Pavilion located to the north of the base camp parking lot would provide both check-in and additonal meeting space needs.


For summer camp check-ins the queue area would remain outside, but under roof with overhead fans.  Head and health check areas as well as cashier tables would be located inside a climate controled area.


For retreat check-ins the inside space would be a gathering place for arriving groups to meet with their host (currently taking place in the parking lot).  This space would also provide an additional meeting area if needed for base camp groups and arriving groups could be recieved in the open pavilion area.


This building will include rest rooms closer to the check-in area and also available to the sports field.






Maintaining camp roads are always a challenge with rain, lack of rain or just the amount of use and abuse.  This Road Upgrade/Repair project would repair and resurface all exiting roads and pavement, would increase paved parking for the Retreat Center and additional parking in the Base Camp area.


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